Discover the benefits of sitting in a sauna

Discover the benefits of sitting in a sauna

The origin of saunas is mainly attributed to the Northern countries of Europe, even though some historical evidences might suggest that Americans also used them form the oldest times. However, nowadays people from all around the world know that the Finnish sauna culture is widely recognised and well established. The fact is that wherever its origin might be, sauna culture is spread all over the world nowadays. The main reason this happens is that people are aware of its benefits and both therapists and common people use it. Runaway Bay saunas are small rooms or houses designed for providing people heat sessions, which can be wet or dry. In this article, you will find the multiple benefits regular visits to a sauna can offer you.

Stress relieving

You might have heard your friends saying that after they are taking a sauna bath they are feeling relaxed. Therefore, one of the main benefits you will have is that you will experience stress reduction. You might know that medical studies concluded that daily stress affects negatively your health and the majority of diseases are related to it. When you spend time in a sauna, taking heat baths, the stress is relieved in many ways. The sauna is a quiet and warm space where you are not affected by outside distractions. Because you will be exposed to heat, your muscles will relax and you will benefit from improved circulation. Specialists say that sauna stimulates the release of endorphins, which provide you the state of good.

Soothed pains in joints and muscles

As stated before the heat from the sauna helps your muscles relax, and your body will automatically release endorphins, which have a tranquilizing effect to the aches you feel. Endorphins have an enjoyable and mild effect and have the ability to minimise the aches caused by muscle soreness and arthritis. You will also benefit from improved blood circulation, because the body temperature will rise and your blood vessels will dilate. In addition, the improved blood circulation will speed up natural healing process, which will help you deal with pains and aches. In case you have any minor cuts or bruises, you will notice that they will start to heal after you leave the sauna. In case you practice physical sports, it is recommended to use the steam or heat of the sauna to help your muscles relax, eliminate lactic acid and reduce muscle tension. This is the main reason you should become the member of a centre, which offers a wide variety of services, because you can train in the gym and take sauna baths in the same place.

Sauna sessions flush toxins

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Because many people nowadays do not have a job that implies physical effort, they do not sweat on a daily basis. Human bodies remove toxins from the body through sweat, so it is recommended to practice a sport or activity, which helps you sweat a few times a week. You can achieve some of the benefits derived from deep sweat via sauna bathing, because the heat will rise your body temperature. Since the blood vessels dilate and you will experience increased blood flow, the nervous system will send signals to the sweat glands, and they will start to produce sweat. During a session of sauna bathing, you will be able to reduce the levels of mercury, zinc, nickel, and copper, which your body absorbs during your daily interactions. Therefore, an intense session of sauna will help your body flush out the toxins, and you will be healthier.

Cleaner skin

One of the oldest beauty and health strategies is taking sauna baths, because it cleans your skin. In the process of sweating, your skin is cleansed and the dead cells are replaced with new and healthy ones. In this way, you will be able to keep your skin in a good working condition. The bacteria from your epidermal layer and sweat ducts will be rinsed out, and because you will have clean pores, you will benefit from improved capillary circulation. In addition, the skin will have a softer look. Many specialists consider that sweating is a way of energizing your skin. The minerals and nutrients found in the sweat are very important to maintaining the collagen structure of your skin. If you have acne, sauna bathing will not cure it, but it will help you treat it.

Improved cardiovascular performance

Because you will be exposed to high temperatures, your core body temperature rises and your skin heats up. As a result, your blood vessels dilate and the cardiac output increases. By taking sauna baths regularly, you train your heart muscles and improve the heart rate. Many doctors recommend their patients to take sauna baths in multiple innings, with sessions of sauna mixed with quick dips into a cool pool or with cool showers. Every time you change the temperature, your heart rate will increase as much as 60% and in this way, you provide it a moderate exercise.

Weight loss

During sauna baths, you will experience calorie burn, but the amount will depend on your particular experience. Sauna is seen as one of the tools, which causes burning of additional calories, because it requires a great amount of energy. Many persons choose to use sauna when they want to lose weight, because it requires minimal effort from their part. Some studies show that during a 20 minute session you can burn over 500 calories. Therefore, your body’s metabolism feels a sauna bath like a physical exercise. Going to sauna regularly will help you maintain your health, and in case you experience common health issues, you will be able to treat them in a simple and pleasant way.

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