Dental injuries in hokey and football

Dental injuries in hokey and football

Alongside with other sport related injuries, dental accidents may appear, especially in sports such as hokey and football. Because of the increased number of this sort of accidents, you should be careful to find the right doctor, which you can visit in case of the appearance of any problem. Not only suffering from an accident should determine you to visit the dentist, but regular examinations are recommended as well. Therefore, you should look for the right dentist in Toronto Downtown, whom you can visit in case of any emergencies or for your regular dental checkup.


Having strong and healthy teeth

Even though, an accident that leads to a certain dental injury is something that you cannot totally keep under control, having strong and healthy teeth may protect you from severe dental damage during a hokey or football accident. Having a proper dental health will make your teeth more resistant to a certain impact that may occur during a game, and this can only be to your advantage. Therefore, you should be a regular at the dentist’s office, especially if you are aware of the fact that you are more exposed to accidents than the regular person is. Being part of the world of sports, you expose yourself to several risks. Although any accident that may happen is out of your control, having your denture well taken care of will make it more enduring, and thus if an unfortunate event happens, having strong teeth may prevent them from suffering from any severe damage. This is the main reason, you should make sure that you get regular dental checkups, and also you have the proper oral hygiene. Preventing a dental trauma may sometimes depend on you and or your interest regarding dental care.

Chipped or lost teeth

If you have the bad luck to suffer from an accident during one of your games, it is important to visit an experienced dentist. The right doctor will be able to help you in any emergency you might have. When you have suffered the misfortune of chipping a tooth, then, if you are in the right hands, there will be a solution to your problem. Fixing a chipped tooth can be done by placing the missing part back in its place. Even though this is possible, the chances are you will not be able to find the broken piece. A highly experienced dentist will be able to reconstruct the missing part of your tooth with the help of tooth-colored filling. If the certain tooth has suffered from severe damage, and a large part of it is missing, then you will probably need an artificial crown as a replacement. If the accident has been more serious, and one of your teeth is completely missing, then you should go to the dentist right away, with no delays. Managing to be consulted by a dentist in a short amount of time, will give your stronger chances of reattaching the tooth in its socket. Regardless of the dental injuries you may face during games, you should already know a skillful dentist that can save you from more traumatic dental damage.

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