Bad habits you should drop when playing five-a-side football

Bad habits you should drop when playing five-a-side football

Many people are on the opinion that five-a-side football is a lot easier to play than traditional football. This is true in some ways, but there are other aspects that make this kind of football a lot tougher to play than conventional football. In the last years, more and more teenagers have become interested in playing this type of football, so in case you are one of those teenagers, you should do some research on the Internet right away. You can start with websites such as, because here you can find more information about this sport. You should also read below the main bad habits that can affect the quality of your football.

Playing when you are too tired

The first rule that stands at the basis of this type of football is not to play it when you are tired. It is important to know that 5-a-side football is a lot faster than the traditional one and involves being more active and attentive to the movements of your colleagues and members from the other team. A game can last for 20 or 30 minutes, and even though this might not seem like too long, it might be quite exhausting for you if you did not have a good sleep the night before.

Staying in one place only

This is another rule players should bear in mind. Since there are fewer players, the game is more vivid than conventional football and players have to be aware to every move on the field. They have to stay focused, but this does not mean that they have to stay in only one place. It is important to be in constant motion, because you simply cannot afford staying still and keeping the ball in one place in five-a-side.

Not staying focused

Staying focused is something every five-a-side player should keep in mind. In traditional football, there are more players, so some of the players can actually stay still from time to time during the game, but this cannot happen in case of this kind of football. The reason is, as mentioned above, that there are fewer players on the field and they have to stay focused for the entire game. You should not get distracted on the field because anything can happen at any moment and there are high chances for this to cost you even the game.

Being a self-centred type of person

It is good that you are the best player of your team, the one that scores many goals, but this does not mean that you have to show it off every time you have the chance. It is better to keep it to yourself, because this way your teammates will appreciate you even more.

Having slow reaction time

In five-a-side football you should have a great reaction time. If you react to things too slow, it can influence your game more than you have thought. As it was previously mentioned, the secret to being successful in 5-a-side football is to be focused the entire game.

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